5 Gorgeous European Style Living Rooms

There’s something so elegant and refined about a European-style living room. From the ornate moldings to the antique furnishings, this decor encapsulates old-world charm. In my travels throughout Europe, I’ve been captivated by the many living rooms that exude both sophistication and comfort.

I’ll explore some of the key elements that make up the European living room aesthetic and provide tips for bringing a touch of Europe into your own home. Whether you’re drawn to the striking black and white color schemes found in many Scandinavian interiors or prefer a more ornate Baroque style, a European-inspired living room is sure to add a graceful elegance to your home.

Read on for an in-depth look at how to nail the European style in your own living room makeover!

Embrace Checkered Flooring

Add a black and white checkered floor pattern, popular in many old European homes and palaces, to create an elegant Old World look. Stick to a classic check size and use quality marble or porcelain tile.

Choose Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Install a sparkling crystal chandelier as the focal point over your sitting area to evoke the glamour of Europe’s grand halls and hotels. Opt for an ornate design with cascading strands of crystals and lights.

European Vintage Living Room
House Beautiful / Annie Smith

Keep the Design Timeless

Choose timeless over trendy with classic furnishings like tufted sofas and carved wood furniture for a traditional European aesthetic. Stick to a neutral color palette of creams, taupes and soft blues.

European living room decor katya_gerdt

Mix Old Artwork with New Furniture

Blend antique-style oils paintings and landscape artwork in gilded frames with new upholstered chairs and sofas for an eclectic, collected look. Add unique flea market finds.

European living room mix old and new pete_bermejo

Install Wall Molding and Millwork

Frame the room with architectural details like crown molding, chair rail, and wainscoting for elegance. Decorative wall moldings are commonly found in European homes. Pick ornate designs and rich white or gold trim for upscale European flair.

European living rooms london Millwork roseuniacke

Create an elegant Old World living room with touches of Europe’s grand aesthetic by embracing checkered flooring, sparkling crystal chandelier lighting, timeless furnishings, and architectural details. Mix flea market finds and antique-style artwork with new upholstered pieces for an eclectic, collected look.

Keep to a neutral color palette and choose classic over trendy for a traditionally styled space that will stand the test of time. With strategic decor elements and furnishings, you can craft a sophisticated living room that evokes the splendor and glamour of Europe.


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