Window Treatments

Windows play an essential role in home decor and ambiance, changing how natural light fills the space and acting as focal points within a room’s aesthetic. One key decision in interior design that can dramatically alter a room’s vibe is choosing the right window treatments.

Whether your style leans towards casual, traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, the window coverings you select will impact everything from privacy and light control to the room’s overall theme and color palette.

This category shares everything you need to know when considering different window treatment options for your home. You can explore different styles, from classic draperies to modern shades, and learn how to select materials and patterns that complement your interior design effectively.

Learn insider tips on properly measuring your windows, finding well-constructed window treatments within your budget, and even get some DIY guidance on making your own custom window dressings to achieve a high-end designer look for less.

So cozy up with your fabric swatches in hand and get ready to elevate your windows to the next level!