Rugs are a foundation for any well-decorated room – explore my posts to learn rug layouts, sizes, materials, patterns and styling advice. I cover broadloom, area rugs, runners, and accent rugs to address flooring needs for spaces big and small. Learn the difference between natural and synthetic fibers, recommended pad options, and expert cleaning best practices after investing in new rugs. Discover ways to choose the right rug for your personal style and home architecture among trends like abstract, floral, tribal, striped and geometric. With the ideal rug anchoring your furnishings, pull together eclectic decor into a cohesive interior design that welcomes and wows.

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5 Tips for Decorating with Rugs All Designers Know

Get insider tips from design experts on how to decorate with rugs. Learn the best placement, sizing, and styling techniques to elevate any room. Discover the designer-approved secrets for using rugs to transform your space.
Washable Rugs

5 Best Washable Rugs to Make Cleaning Up a Snap

Discover the top washable rugs that make cleaning a breeze. Find durable, stain-resistant options to keep your floors looking fresh. Explore the best machine-washable rugs for high-traffic areas and easy maintenance.
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Everything to Know About Buying a Rug

Looking to buy a new area rug for your home? With various sizes, materials, colors and patterns to choose from, learn what to consider when selecting the perfect rug to tie a room together and add comfort underfoot.

12 Overdyed Rugs in Rich Colors

Everyone can agree that overdyed rugs are a beautiful addition to almost any floor. The rich hues are attention-grabbing!