What is a Daybed?

Have you thought about putting a daybed in your home? Perhaps you need help deciding which daybed is right for you. Let us guide you through selecting the right daybed for your home!

A daybed is a versatile piece of furniture that serves as a sofa, bed, and lounging area all in one. With its padded back, sides, and mattress, a daybed allows for relaxed reclining during the day and can be made up into a bed at night with the addition of sheets and blankets. Daybeds are often used in living rooms, family rooms, lofts, and other casual spaces to provide flexible extra seating and sleeping capacity.

This multi-purpose piece of furniture comes in handy for most homeowners. Its neat combination of a bed and a sofa can serve multiple goals depending on your needs.

Daybeds are great seating and sleeping options for rooms without a lot of space. They can be used as seating when needed and of course for sleeping as necessary. You can recognize a daybed by the headboard that extends around three sides of the seat cushion itself. Most daybeds are similar in size to a twin size bed, though different sizes can be found.

Daybeds typically pull out to expand a second part of the mattress which can be used to create a double-sized bed when needed. Often, drawers are found beneath the mattress which you can use to store sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Built-in daybed with drawers underneath via @em_rehabitat

What are Daybeds Used For?

Here are some of the main uses for daybeds:

  • Extra seating – Daybeds provide a comfortable place to sit and relax in living rooms, family rooms, lofts, dens, libraries, and other casual spaces. The back and sides give daybeds a sofa-like feel.
  • Occasional sleeping space – Daybeds can easily be made up with sheets, blankets and pillows to provide an extra sleeping space for overnight guests. The trundle underneath many daybeds offers additional sleeping room.
  • Lounging/reading nook – The padded, armless design of many daybeds makes them ideal for reclining and lounging. They are often placed next to windows to create cozy reading nooks.
  • Kids’ rooms – Daybeds are commonly used in kids’ rooms or playrooms to provide both a sitting/playing area and an extra bed for sleepovers or nap time.
  • Home office – Daybeds can be utilized as a sofa alternative in home offices when placed against a wall. They allow seating for reading or working.
  • Porch/patio furniture – Some daybeds are suitable for covered outdoor spaces. They bring the cozy lounging feel outside.

Where to Put a Daybed

You may be wondering what rooms a daybed is suitable for. Well, since daybeds are so practical, you can put them just about anywhere you need some extra seating or sleeping space! Because they tend to be smaller in size, many people put them where a full-sized bed will not fit.

Daybeds are often found in studio apartments or small guest bedrooms. They also make great beds for kids.

Outdoor daybeds provide a quiet place to relax outside your home, on your deck, patio, or even in your sunroom.

Boho daybed in the corner via @hannahsfavorites

Types of Daybeds

The main decision you will have to make when purchasing your daybed is the kind of frame you wish to have. Just like any bed, you can choose from wood or metal when it comes to the bed frame. This is an important choice and may depend on the type of decorating style in your home.

Here are a few highly-rated daybeds:


Amazon is a great place to find daybeds, too:

Ikea daybed with drawers underneath via @ourhomeinspain

Decorating a Daybed

When it comes to decorating your daybed, you can decorate it just like you would any other sofa or bed. Adding throw pillows and blankets will provide comfortable support to your family and guests. Slipcovers can totally change the look of the daybed as you wish.


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