7 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors in American Kitchen Design

From sleek white and light gray to warm wood tones, kitchen cabinet colors can make a major impact on the look and feel of a kitchen’s design. As trends in American kitchen style continue to shift, certain cabinet color palettes have emerged as current favorites. Whether aiming to create a bright and airy cooking space or seeking a cozy, classic look, there are a few key colors homeowners should consider when planning for new cabinets or a kitchen remodel.

This article explores some of today’s most popular kitchen cabinet color choices in American kitchen design and looks at what makes them commonly preferred options among homeowners, interior designers, and renovation contractors alike. We’ll review popular neutral tones like white and gray along with wood finishes and a few accent colors that can add a pop of interest against a neutral backdrop.

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to update your kitchen cabinets. Some folks like to embrace bolder colors; others like design elements with a modern flare. Whether you prefer a bold or natural crisp look, these cabinet colors will surely inspire you.


White kitchen cabinets mainecabinetcompany

This is a popular choice of kitchen cabinetry. It’s fresh and crisp for a reason – easy to see what needs to be cleaned! If you decide to mix whites, you can go for a white with lower LRV on the walls and true white on the cabinets. Since true whites don’t have undertones, you can embrace the soft whites without worrying about clashing undertones.


Popular kitchen cabinet colors - Gray kitchen cabinets marble backsplash 2711_interiors

Gray is a go-to color for many homeowners and those who want to bring a new look to their space. You can give your cabinets a cold or warm gray color. You can also pair it with different countertop materials, designs, and finishes. If your kitchen has limited natural white, you should go for dark gray cabinets. Grey will always hold its space in the contemporary kitchen world.


Popular kitchen cabinet colors - Beige kitchen cabinet ideas studiodearborn

Beige is a popular neutral tone for kitchen cabinets, offering a light and airy feel. Various shades of beige from very light tan to warmer brown beiges allow homeowners flexibility in the look they want to achieve. Pairing beige cabinets with contrasting counters and backsplashes keeps the kitchen from feeling too monotonous in all one tone.


Black kitchen cabinets heidicaillierdesign

If you want to add a moody feeling to your kitchen, you can opt for dramatic black cabinets. Black is a bold color for kitchen interior design, yet it can be subtle when you pair it with white countertops. If you’re not careful, the interior could end up feeling gloomy. The key to having black as the color of choice is how it blends in with the countertops, walls, and floors. Keep in mind that lighting is a critical factor when using a black kitchen cabinet color.


Blue Kitchen Cabinets via @erinkestenbaum

There is something about the blue color that catches the eye. It’s soothing, calming, tranquil, and stylish. One amazing thing about the blue color is that it’s timeless. To avoid the feeling that you want to close down space, you can add blue to the lower cabinets.


Popular kitchen cabinet colors - Green kitchen cabinets planetfurnitureltd

For centuries, interior designers have always turned to green cabinet shades, thanks to their restorative attributes. Whether you plan to go bold or lean towards a softer shade, dark cabinetry can create a fresh look. If you’re anxious about making the wrong choice, you may want to do your due diligence.


Two-toned cabinets blend well with any kitchen style that includes contemporary and traditional. You can paint contrasting colors to the top kitchen cabinets and varying tints to the bottom ones. Two-tone colors are timeless and never go out of style.

Popular kitchen cabinet colors - Two-toned kitchen cabinet ideas blue turquoise @foxhomesmn

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