7 Dresser Decorating Essentials + Popular Items

Decorating the top of a dresser is a great way to have fun styling your home. Short and wide dressers will often leave a large surface area for you to decorate as you wish.

Consider the visual weight of the objects and arrange them in a way that creates harmony. This might include placing larger items in the center and smaller items on the sides.

Decorating the Top of a Dresser takemehomecedarroad

Large Mirror

The most popular way to decorate a dresser is to place a large mirror on top of it to help you get dressed in the morning. This is where the name “dresser” comes from, actually! A quick rule of thumb for a top mirror on a dresser is to ensure that the mirror you choose is no more than 75% as wide as the dresser itself.

Tray for Perfume or Jewelry

Aside from a mirror, you can place a tray with perfume or jewelry boxes on top of a dresser. A decorative tray can be used to neatly display and organize perfume bottles, jewelry, or other small trinkets on the dresser top. The tray adds a touch of elegance and helps keep the dresser surface looking neat and organized.

Photo Frames

Framed photos or artwork can add a personal and sentimental touch to the dresser top. Photo frames come in different colors and styles, from simple and minimalist to ornate and decorative, allowing you to choose frames that complement the overall decor.


Stacking a few carefully selected books on the dresser top can create an interesting visual display. The books can be decorative, with interesting covers or bindings, or they can be meaningful to the owner, such as favorite novels or reference books.

Scented Candle

Some people like to have a scented candle on display. A scented candle can add a warm, inviting ambiance to the dresser top. The gentle flickering flame and pleasant fragrance can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

Flower Vase

Plants or flowers can bring life and color to the space. If you prefer low maintenance, consider using high-quality artificial plants. Either way, a beautiful vase can anchor your dresser top nicely.

A small vase filled with fresh flowers or greenery can bring nature and life to the dresser top. The vase can be simple and understated or more decorative.

Table Lamp

A table lamp on the dresser top can provide functional and decorative lighting. The lamp can help illuminate the dresser surface, making it easier to see and use, while adding a warm, cozy glow to the room.

How to Style These Items on Your Dresser

Using objects of varying heights creates appealing interest. Consider adding tall items like vases, lamps, or candles and balancing them with shorter objects like trays or decorative bowls.

Coordinating the objects by theme or color can create a polished and intentional look. Consider rotating decorative items with the seasons. Fresh flowers in spring, a bowl of pinecones in fall, or festive decorations for the holidays can keep the decor fresh and lively.

Decorating the top of your dresser is entirely up to you! Just avoid overcrowding the surface. Leaving some empty space makes the area look uncluttered and allows room for daily use.



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