10 Best CB2 Dupes to Get the Mod Furniture Look for Less

CB2 has become one of the most popular home furnishing retailers in recent years, offering trendy, modern furniture and decor at relatively affordable price points. Their sleek, contemporary aesthetic has developed a loyal following among young professionals, city dwellers, and anyone looking to give their home a fresh, stylish update.

However, despite being less expensive than many high-end designer brands, CB2 pieces can still put a dent in your wallet. That’s why finding affordable lookalikes, or “dupes,” for popular CB2 items has become almost a sport for budget-conscious shoppers.

I’ll share some of my favorite CB2 furniture and decor dupes that you can shop online or in stores for a fraction of the price. From a near-identical dupe of the popular mushroom glass lamp to a very convincing spin on the Diana bed, I’ll show you where to find replicas and inspired designs that capture the CB2 style you love for less.

If you want to recreate CB2’s signature modern, minimalist look in your home without breaking the bank, you’ll find plenty of affordable options in this roundup. Keep reading for the best CB2 dupes across all home decor categories!

Gwyneth Ivory Bouclé Chair Dupe

CB2’s Gwyneth Ivory Bouclé Chair ($999) boasts sophistication and comfort with its plush bouclé fabric and timeless design, creating a cozy yet elegant seating option. For a comparable chair that captures a similar essence at an affordable price, consider Wayfair’s Arijit Armchair ($394), which offers a chic and cozy seating solution that mirrors the elegance of the Gwyneth chair without the higher price tag.

Stature Ivory Dining Armchair Dupe

CB2’s Stature Ivory Dining Armchair ($399) offers a blend of sophistication and comfort with its elegant design and supportive structure, ideal for creating a refined dining space. For a comparable dining armchair that captures a similar shape at a more affordable price, consider the LUMISOL Modern Boucle Accent Chair from Amazon, which provides a comfortable seating option with a sleek design, allowing you to achieve a sophisticated dining area without exceeding your budget.

Inesse Boucle Ivory Modern Dining Chair Dupe

CB2’s Inesse Boucle Ivory Modern Dining Chair ($379) showcases contemporary sophistication with its chic bouclé upholstery and sleek design, offering both style and comfort for your dining area. For a comparable dining chair with a similar modern vibe at a cheaper price, Amazon’s Meridian Dining Chair is a great alternative. The chair’s sleek design and comfort make it an accessible alternative to a sophisticated dining chair akin to the pretty CB2 Inesse chair.

Rialto Ivory Storage Bench Dupe

CB2’s Rialto Ivory Storage Bench ($699) combines practicality and style with its elegant design and ample storage, providing a versatile solution for both seating and organization in any room. Seeking a comparable storage bench at a more accessible price? To save money, opt for Wayfair’s Danleys Storage Ottoman ($174), which offers similar functionality and design. It provides convenient storage and seating while remaining budget-friendly to enhance a space without overspending.

Diana White Bouclé Bed Dupe

CB2’s Diana White Bouclé Bed ($1800) exudes luxury with its plush bouclé upholstery and sleek silhouette, perfect for creating an inviting bedroom retreat. For a similar aesthetic at a more budget-friendly price point, consider AllModern Sadarius Upholstered Bed ($1700), offering a comparable style and comfort, making it an excellent alternative for affordability without compromising on chic design.

Domes Black Marble Table Lamp Dupe

CB2’s Domes Black Marble Table Lamp ($279) is a sophisticated lighting accent, blending sleek black marble with a modern design, adding a touch of elegance to any space. For a similar style at a more accessible price, try the Kerwin Metal Table Lamp ($90), which features a comparable aesthetic with a sleek marble base and a stylish design, offering an affordable alternative to achieve a sophisticated look in your room.

Acadia Black Ceramic Vase Dupe

CB2’s Acadia Black Ceramic Vase ($149) stands out with its sleek, modern design and bold black finish, making it a striking decorative accent for any room. For a similar aesthetic at a more budget-friendly price, consider Wayfair’s Persell Terracotta Table Vase ($54), a stylish ceramic vase featuring a comparable modern design and bold coloring, offering an affordable alternative to add a touch of contemporary elegance to your home decor similar to the CB2 Acadia vase.

Senza White Glass Table Lamp Dupe

CB2’s Senza White Glass Table Lamp ($229) presents a retro yet modern allure with its clean lines and luminous white mushroom-shaped glass, adding vintage charm to any space. Want a similar lamp at a more budget-friendly price? Amazon sells a Striped Mushroom Table Lamp, a sleek table lamp with comparable design elements, providing an affordable option to illuminate your room with a chic and modern aesthetic akin to the Senza lamp from Crate and Barrel.

Trio Brass Finish Floor Lamp Dupe

CB2’s Trio Brass Finish Floor Lamp ($299) is a statement piece, blending modern design with a touch of sophistication through its three adjustable shades, creating versatile lighting for any room. To achieve a similar aesthetic without the higher price point, consider Home Depot’s Pratt Floor Lamp ($103), a stylish floor lamp offering adjustable lighting and a comparable sleek design, providing an affordable alternative for a contemporary lighting fixture reminiscent of the CB2 Trio Brass Finish Floor Lamp.

Eve Coupe Cocktail Glass Dupe

CB2’s Eve Coupe Modern Cocktail Glass ($8) embodies timeless elegance with its sleek silhouette and delicate design, perfect for serving classic cocktails in style. To achieve a similar sophisticated touch at a more budget-friendly price, Ikea offers SÄLLSKAPLIG Champagne coupe ($5), a chic and comparable cocktail glass that brings modern elegance to your entertaining collection without breaking the bank.

I hope you found the perfect piece for your home!


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