Take advantage of the space below your house and design your dream basement!

What is a basement?

A basement is a floor of a home that is either completely or partially below ground level. They are usually cooler than above-ground areas of a home because they are insulated by the surrounding ground. This makes them useful for the storage of food, wine, etc. that need cooler temperatures.

They often house major utility connections and equipment like furnaces, water heaters, electrical panels, etc. These are put in basements to keep them safely enclosed.

Some home basements have laundry facilities as the plumbing connections are already nearby.

They can also provide storm and fallout shelters, especially when outfitted with emergency supplies, in the interior, windowless parts.

Unfinished basements can function as workshop or craft spaces given their storage capabilities.

Finished basements can add usable living areas to a home for recreation rooms, bedrooms, home offices, gyms, etc.

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11 Creative Home Basement Design Ideas

Discover our favorite finished basement decorating ideas to transform your unused space into a stylish, functional area for entertainment, gaming, home gym, home theater, guest room, and more.