Lighting Controls

Setting the right mood and ambiance in your home often comes down to proper lighting. My home lighting controls category features tips and ideas to help you choose the best smart switches, dimmers, sensors, and hubs to automate and control your home’s lighting. I’ll cover choosing lighting controls for various rooms, retrofitting your existing lights, setting lighting schedules and scenes, syncing controls with other smart home devices, troubleshooting common issues, and more. With the right home automation lighting controls in place, you’ll save energy while creating the perfect light for cooking, reading, parties, movie nights, or relaxation. Check back often as I share reviews of new lighting control products, have pros weigh in with their advice, and update my recommended smart home lighting solutions.

What are Lighting Controls?

Lighting controls are devices that allow you to automate and adjust the lighting in your home. They include dimmers, occupancy sensors, timers, and smart switches that let you remotely control your lights. Lighting controls give you more flexibility over your home’s lighting for convenience, functionality, and energy savings.