5 Best Light Switch Brands & Covers Designers Love

Whether you’re building a new home or giving your current space an update, choosing the right light switches is an important design decision that can significantly impact the look and feel of a room. From classic toggle switches to sleek touch-activated panels, light switch styles run the gamut in terms of appearance, functionality, smart capabilities, and price point.

I’ll shine a spotlight on some of today’s most popular light switch brands on the market. I’ll provide an overview of product offerings from leading manufacturers like Lutron, Leviton, GE, Jasco, Eaton, and more.

I’ll highlight key features, technologies, design aesthetics, and price ranges so you can determine which options pair best with your interior décor vision and budget. I’ll also discuss pros and cons of smart light switches versus standard options so you can decide if home automation and voice control are worthwhile upgrades for your renovation or new construction project.

Light switch brands forbesandlomax

Whether you have champagne tastes or are working on a beer budget, this roundup aims to illuminate the myriad light switch possibilities at your fingertips today. Read on as we switch gears to discover and compare an array of stylish, functional light switch brands and collections that can give any room in your home a brilliant design spark!


Eaton is a well-known brand that specializes in producing high-quality electrical components and light switches. Their light switches are recognized for their durability, reliability, and innovative designs. Eaton offers light switches, catering to different styles, functionalities, and applications in residential and commercial settings.

The brand focuses on safety and convenience, incorporating features like easy installation and user-friendly designs in their switches. With a reputation for excellence in the electrical industry, Eaton’s light switches are trusted by professionals and homeowners for their performance and longevity.


Leviton is a prominent brand known for its range of high-quality electrical light switches. Renowned for innovation, Leviton offers various switch styles, from traditional toggles to modern smart switches, catering to different preferences and needs. Their switches are praised for durability, advanced technology integration, and ease of installation, making them popular choices in residential and commercial spaces.


Lutron stands out in the market for its cutting-edge lighting control solutions, including dimmers, switches, and smart home systems. Renowned for inventing the first solid-state dimmer in the 1960s, Lutron continues to excel in providing innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Their products offer customizable lighting settings, wireless control options, and compatibility with smart home ecosystems, delivering convenience and energy savings to consumers.

Forbes & Lomax

Forbes & Lomax specializes in manufacturing elegant and sophisticated electrical accessories, including light switches, known for their distinctive design and high-quality finishes. Their switches feature sleek metal plates, offering a luxurious touch to interior spaces. Forbes & Lomax products are favored by designers and homeowners seeking stylish and customizable electrical fittings that blend seamlessly with diverse interior aesthetics. They’ve been dubbed “the latest quiet luxury status symbol” by Business Insider.

Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch is recognized for its unique blend of industrial design and craftsmanship in creating distinctive light switches. Their switches boast bold, statement-making designs with materials like solid metals and intriguing finishes, appealing to those seeking a more edgy and contemporary look for their interiors. Buster + Punch switches merge functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them sought-after elements in modern interior design schemes.


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