Small Stools

Stools come in all shapes and sizes to suit different needs, but small stools have their own appeal. This category features posts all about petite stools that can serve both functional and decorative purposes around the home. See ideas for utilizing compact stools for extra seating, as chic accent tables,plant stands, creative ways to stow belongings and more.

With their tiny footprints, small stools are great problem solvers where space is tight. Browse this collection of posts showing clever uses of diminutive stools to make the most of small spaces.

What are Small Stools?

Small stools are low to the ground pieces of furniture that typically measure no more than 2 feet tall. They can be used in different areas around the home and move around easily.

7 Best Small Bathroom Stools

Discover the perfect small bathroom stools for added convenience and style. Browse our collection now for space-saving solutions!