Infuse bold Spanish flair into your home with our tips for decorating and furnishing with vibrant Southern European appeal. Browse this category for ideas to craft vivacious, romantic spaces.

Get inspiration from defining Spanish decor elements like patterned tile, wrought iron accents, carved wood, and tapestries. Learn how to weave in terracotta, forged metals, and textiles for drama.

See how details like arched windows, fresco murals, and ornate lighting can help cultivate an exotic Spanish aesthetic. Our articles feature ways to arrange furnishings and display sun-drenched ceramics and textiles for a taste of Spain.

Whether you love Gaudi architecture or Andalusian patios, our Spanish decorating guidance makes it easy to fashion sensual, vivacious interiors. Discover ways to highlight exotic global details through curated furnishings, finishes, and accents.