Curl up with a good book in your dream home library.

What is a home library?

A home library is a personal collection of books, typically kept in one’s home for reading and reference. The foundation of a home library is having books that reflect the interests, hobbies, and reading preferences of the owner(s). The books may be purchased, gifted, or inherited over time.

To organize and display the book collection, most home libraries have dedicated shelves or bookcases. These can be simple or elaborate, built-in or free-standing. Proper shelving keeps books protected and orderly.

A comfortable chair, good lighting, and a convenient place to set books creates an inviting library reading space.

To keep track of what books they own, some people catalog their collections in a notebook, spreadsheet, or library software. This also makes books easier to find.

Unlike a public library, a home library usually showcases the owner’s interests through the choice of books. Many add a decorative flair with bookends, artwork, reading pillows, or objects related to their favorite genres.

A home library brings together a cherished book collection to promote the joy and convenience of books in one’s home.

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How to Design a Home Library

These home library design tips will help you create the perfect space for storing your books and reading them leisurely!