The Most Whimsical Bohemian Apartment…

The Most Whimsical Bohemian Apartment…

I came across an apartment the other day that’s truly unlike any interior design I’ve ever seen. I traced these images back to Czas na wnętrze, a polish interior design magazine, but beyond that I don’t even see much information about who it belongs to or where it is. At first glance looking at the millwork, it appears to be Parisian, but who knows!

Here you can really see the beautiful millwork and trim on the ceiling and door frame:

Living Room with Beautiful Millwork and Many Colors

Absolutely eye-catching idea to paint the door frames baby blue, and add a fun polka-dotted wallpaper:

Living Room with baby blue Millwork and Dotted Wallpaper

Notice the stained-glass windows to the right of the couch here!!

Blue couch with stained glass windows

Again some really fun, floral wallpaper here in between the baby blue door frames:

Gilded Mirror Inside a Living Room with Whimsical wallpaper

Flowers on pillows and the coffee table:

Floral Pillow on Navy Blue Couch

At first I thought these were metal balls hanging from the ceiling but now I realize they are attached to the walls it seems! Love this yellow and pink abstract wallpaper too. It kind of serves as artwork since it’s framed by the wall moulding!!

Yellow and Pink Patterned wallpaper with Moulding

Not something you notice right away, but the beautiful floral wallpaper on the ceiling is a fabulous idea! It really brightens up these black walls in the hallway!

Hallway with Floral Wallpaper on Ceiling

This dress artwork reminds me of Anselm Kiefer’s work… The little hanging chandelier is a really nice touch!

Dress Artwork at the end of the Hallway

The bedroom is the least interesting room of them all, but seems like it serves a more relaxed and de-energized purpose…

Bedroom with Turquoise and Brown accent walls

Images via Czas na wnętrze

Hope you enjoyed! Would you do this in your home? What would you change?

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