15 Colorful Tolix Chairs (Under $200!)

15 Colorful Tolix Chairs (Under $200!)
Tolix chairs have become a staple of industrial style, in good part due to their functional design and ease of use. But like any good product, it took a few iterations before it became the chair we know today. It all started in the early 20th century, when Frenchman Xavier Pauchard discovered he could make metal waterproof by coating it in molten zinc. Years later, Pauchard founded his household item company Tolix®. He created the classic metal chair we know today as the Tolix chair in 1934. It’s a simple design with solid triangular legs for support, and a simple round back with a thick stripe up the center. The chair was designed to be weatherproof, with holes in the seats so water could drip out. The design was tweaked in 1956, after café owners complained the chair wasn’t stackable. Before long, tens of thousands of the chairs were being produced and today you can find them in design museums around the world – as well as surrounding your everyday dining room.

The original Tolix® Chair can be purchased at Design Within Reach for just shy of $300. Luckily, we’ve found fifteen suitable alternatives you can purchase for less than $200 each below. Typically, tolix chairs are used in the dining room, though they are also perfect for outdoor use as well. It’s common to put fur on the base or around the back to make them more comfortable, too!

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Pink Tolix chair with pink sheepskin rug

Boutique Belgique

White folix chairs with wood dining table

Red tolix chairs in breakfast nook

Silver tolix chairs with pink art

Soft blue tolix chairs with white sheepskin throws via Amy Kartheiser Design

Amy Kartheiser Design

White tolix chair mixed chair dining room via Dranmesider


Blue tolix dining chair via Lina Ostling

Lina Ostling

Shades of blue tolix chairs in dining room via Rue Mag

Rue Mag

Turquoise tolix chairs in dining room

White tolix chairs with crystal chandelier

Multi-color tolix dining chairs via Bolig


Red Tolix chairs and Oversized Art via Design Files

Design Files

Metal tolix chairs on dining table with pink flowers

Baby blue folix chairs dining space via megbiram

Meg Biram

Multi-color tolix chairs in dining room

Blush pink tolix chair via Design Love Fest and @maryannemoodie

Design Love Fest / @maryannemoodie

Orange tolix chair via DLF

Design Love Fest

Copper tolix chairs with pink flower table setting

Style Me Pretty

Purple tolix chairs dining room

Yellow tolix chairs dining room

Metal tolix chairs with bright abstract art

The Design Files

Black tolix chairs in modern dining room via Alyssa Rosenheck

Alyssa Rosenheck

Have you used tolix chairs in your dining room?

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