{in the studio} Contemporary Classic | Chad Wys

{in the studio} Contemporary Classic | Chad Wys

Historical art has long been a source of inspiration for contemporary artists. Looking at the work of 31-year-old artist Chad Wys, there’s something inherently fascinating about juxtaposing classical art imagery with a splash of bright hues. Whether it’s a solid hued brush stroke or a perfectly rectangular color patch, Wys depicts colorful elements in sharp contrast to the classical sculptures that lie in their background.

Wys grew up in Illinois and was drawn to art history from an early age. I must admit his work reminds me of a Jeff Koons exhibition at Gagosian Gallery last year. The famous American artist took to his canvas with a backdrop of neo-classical sculpture imagery and a foreground of graffiti style lines and modern relics. It wasn’t too pleasing to the eye. Lucky for us, Wys took on the style long before Koons in a more aesthetically elegant (and much less expensive) way.

A few samples of Chad’s work:

The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes - Chad Wys
The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes, 2014

Portraits With Color Grids (Diptych), 2013
Portrait With A Spectrum Chad wys
Portrait With A Spectrum, 2014

Castrophia by Chad wys
Castrophia, 2012

A Pair Of Faces (Diptych) chad wys
A Pair Of Faces (Diptych), 2013
Sight Line chad wys
Sight Line, 2013

118 Chad Wys
118, 2012

Garage Sale Painting Of Peasants With Color Bars - Chad Wys
Garage Sale Painting Of Peasants With Color Bars, 2011

 Landscape With Robins And Bars Chad Wys
Landscape With Robins And Bars, 2010

Brutalized Portrait Of A Gentleman 2009 Chad wys
Brutalized Portrait Of A Gentleman 1, 2009

Brutalized Gainsborough 2 chad wys
Brutalized Gainsborough 2, 2009

You can shop Chad Wys work via his website or on Society6!

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